Something that I've never done

U never know how happy I am whenever I get out from the last class on friday...
Its time to put books aside n go craaaazy!
Since I came to Texas, I have been going out and partying my ass off pretty much every single weekends.
I have never had a party.
All we did were just finding parties and getting free alcohols.
So yea, last night was my challenge.
We freakin had a party 4 travis's b-day last night!
I, Tasha, Mai, & TK were planners for this party.
3 days ago: creating a face book invitation and let ppl know about this party.
2:00 pm: Went to TK's. Cleaning cleaning....and cleaning.
4:00 pm: Went shopping to wal mart and liquor tones of beer, ever clear, vanilla Vodka, Jack Daniel, & freakin frangelico...I found it!
6:00 pm: Wen shopping again.... we got black lights and other stuffs like cups, dishes, juice...
7:00 pm: going back to own home...yes we needed to take a shower.
9:00 pm: Got together again.... and went to jones. We ordered more than 20 chicken nuggets and Got all chickens they had..Tasha still has more than 70 meal trades.....
9:30: Finally we were @ TK's. We mixed ever clear & fruit punch and pour it in big ass container.
10:00: party kicked offfffffff!
It was such an amazing party.
Lots of people showed up....we were so glad.
Dancing, chatting, smokin, drinking, getting new friends...u name it.
and one more thing made me happy...
Ppl loved chocolate cake shot that I made last night.
I served more than 20 shots.
It was my first challenge, but it worked really well.
I ended up going to my place @ was a little bit early but I was kinda tired at the end....
But I am so glad that we had a good party....seriously
I was nervous as hell, to tell yall the truth.
Its such a social learning.
I love it!
by tajinet | 2007-04-23 04:45
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