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Something that I've never done

U never know how happy I am whenever I get out from the last class on friday...
Its time to put books aside n go craaaazy!
Since I came to Texas, I have been going out and partying my ass off pretty much every single weekends.
I have never had a party.
All we did were just finding parties and getting free alcohols.
So yea, last night was my challenge.
We freakin had a party 4 travis's b-day last night!
I, Tasha, Mai, & TK were planners for this party.
3 days ago: creating a face book invitation and let ppl know about this party.
2:00 pm: Went to TK's. Cleaning cleaning....and cleaning.
4:00 pm: Went shopping to wal mart and liquor shop..got tones of beer, ever clear, vanilla Vodka, Jack Daniel, & freakin frangelico...I found it!
6:00 pm: Wen shopping again.... we got black lights and other stuffs like cups, dishes, juice...
7:00 pm: going back to own home...yes we needed to take a shower.
9:00 pm: Got together again.... and went to jones. We ordered more than 20 chicken nuggets and tenders.....lol Got all chickens they had..Tasha still has more than 70 meal trades.....
9:30: Finally we were @ TK's. We mixed ever clear & fruit punch and pour it in big ass container.
10:00: party kicked offfffffff!
It was such an amazing party.
Lots of people showed up....we were so glad.
Dancing, chatting, smokin, drinking, getting new friends...u name it.
and one more thing made me happy...
Ppl loved chocolate cake shot that I made last night.
I served more than 20 shots.
It was my first challenge, but it worked really well.
I ended up going to my place @ 2:30..it was a little bit early but I was kinda tired at the end....
But I am so glad that we had a good party....seriously
I was nervous as hell, to tell yall the truth.
Its such a social learning.
I love it!
by tajinet | 2007-04-23 04:45

BSE....Best Shot Ever

Its Travis's B-day today.
So, We went to the Irish pub after the last class @ freakin 4:00 pm.....We even didnt plan to do that...but it just happened.
T: Hey, can I take a B day shot? cuz its my 21st B day today..
B: Yeah, just show me ur ID. I can give u the best B-day shot for free.....its called chocolate cake.
So yeah, he showed her his ID, and she started making it which is called chocolate cake.......how cute is that.
Its really simple...all what we need are this liqueur called Frangelico, Vodka, and sugar coated lemon.
This is an official instructions....lol
1) Pour 1/2 of Vodka and Frangelico into a shot glass
2) Cover the slice of lime with powdered sugar.
3) Bite on the lime with powdered sugar on it and hold the juice in your mouth.
4) Then take the shot while the lime juice is still in your mouth.
So yeah, he did exactly what she said..
He was like....God..Aki. this is F***ing awesome!
Who do not wanna try the new test of alcohol?
So, I did it too.
It was just amazing.
I really liked it..prolly best shot that I've ever had.
It tasted like almond chocolate...taking it with lemon makes it even better.
He was ok, but I was just wasted by the time we left that bar.
After that, We decided to go to sonic and had sonic blast...lol
I got it with M&M, and he got it with oleo...lol
It was way too awkward that two 21 y/o dudes sat together and ate sweets at the middle of drunkenness..
I heard that mai is making him an awesome cake.
What a sweet B-day dude..
My 21st B-day.......Oh god..
All I can say is I was in Hollywood...lol
Anyway, happy birth day Trav.
by tajinet | 2007-04-18 13:17

Project Done!

Yes! I just finished the project.....so happy about it.
I've been such a procrastinator and didnt start it until this very late.
This project is for Therapeutic Modality class, and basically what we do is creating a little handbook for the use of varieties of modalities at the AT room or Some other clinics.
I was personally not interested in any modalities until I took this course.
I graduated from massage school, and all interns that I did were all about massage or manual manipulation.
So yeah, I just didnt know how it worked and kinda scared to use it.
When I was in the track team last semester, I really didnt know what the hell I was doing.
I knew Stem is shallow, and ultrasound is deep.....lol
Got damn it!..so retarded.
But yea, I started it a week ago.
I started researching n stuff. I read many books, asked many ppl, and played with it!
It was good.
It just changed all my impression on the modality.
Before doing this project, I was like....well, does stem actually work?
Some ppl still say effectiveness of stem is up in the air.
I dont know anybody else's opinions, but I didnt like it just because I didnt know the correct use.
When I was researching n stuff, I was like...
Damn, Thats why it didnt work when I was using it.
There are tones of parameters for each treatment.
If I use 'em correctly and smartly, these shits will be my buddies and help me a lot.
Stem n Ultra sound are so abused.
Its easy for therapist to use it and easy for patients to feel it.
When and how do u wanna use stem?
Motor level Nerve stimulation? Sensory nerve?
What kind of goal do u wanna get by using motor stimulation then?
Increase ROM? Muscle reeducation? Pumping?....etc
Ok, say I want a pumping effect for edema reduction.
Can I use it when the injury is acute?
Nope, actually sensory stimulation works, and I can actually use it right after the injury occurs.
Sensory level stimulation is more like limiting edema formation by preventing fluids, plasma, and other solids into surrounding tissues.
So yeah, at the initial response of edema formation, we can minimize the secondary damage.
Besides, vigorous contraction by motor stimulation will actually cause further damage on tissues even tho u attempt to get rid of edema.
We can use motor level stimulation for edema if that edema has already formed, and wanna get rid of it by pumping effect.
But actually, patient's active muscle contraction will create much more pumping effect than motor level stimulation does.
So yeah, as soon as inflammation subsides, we can start light exercise not only for muscle strength but also reducing edema.
Im changing the gear again, but where do I wanna locate electrodes for muscle pumping?
Directly on the targets or what?
Well, I found this article saying about the treatment of the edema of ankle.
Instead of putting pads directly onto the injured area, We can actually put one pad on cuff muscle...(especially soleus).
When I read it, I was like....
Gosh...its soo cool.
When I was in PT class last semester, I learned all muscle function n stuff.
Yeah, main function of soleus is plantar flexion (when knee is bent).
But there is one more.
soleus is called secondary heart in the body. Its strong contraction help venous lymphatic returns toward heart.
strong contraction......!?
Again, some random stuffs crossed my mind.
It was a image.
I was in long beach working as a anatomy assistant last sumer.
I still remember that I was freakin surprised by the size of soleus when I first saw it.
Its really thick...thicker than gastro.
Whenever we think about cuff muscle, we tend to focus on gastro..I guess..at least I did.
Its superficial and easy to palpate and see.
but yeah, that thick ass soleus helps pumping fluids from lower extremity to the heart even with gravity dependent.
Automatically, I can think I wanna elevate the extremity when doing this treatment cuz reducing gravity help pump up fluid.
Well, its common sense and dont have to even pay attention on it, but if u think about it, u can realize why u should do that.
It is sometimes hard for me to actually make a progress and get the jog done cuz I kept distracted by many stuffs a lot.
But well, its just fun and I like it.
Now I am pretty comfortable with modalities, and got the basic ideas for each use.
But, but, but, but...
I am missing one thing..
Yes, I do need it.
I dont wanna be a big book worm.
Most of info didnt come from my experience.
I learned many theories and all craps, but I don know if these actually work or not yet snd whats going on at the actual clinical setting.
I wanna try what I researched, and wanna see the actual result.
Lets find out.

I Just went to kinko's and got this one.
Still warm.....cute.



by tajinet | 2007-04-16 11:26


なんだこの不安感WITHやる気のなさ。 今やらなきゃいけないことわかってるのに。
とりあえず1ヶ月後にインタビューがある。 会議で話し合われて、わしが戻っていいってのはもう決定されたらしい。
by tajinet | 2007-04-03 11:45