BSE....Best Shot Ever

Its Travis's B-day today.
So, We went to the Irish pub after the last class @ freakin 4:00 pm.....We even didnt plan to do that...but it just happened.
T: Hey, can I take a B day shot? cuz its my 21st B day today..
B: Yeah, just show me ur ID. I can give u the best B-day shot for free.....its called chocolate cake.
So yeah, he showed her his ID, and she started making it which is called chocolate cute is that.
Its really simple...all what we need are this liqueur called Frangelico, Vodka, and sugar coated lemon.
This is an official
1) Pour 1/2 of Vodka and Frangelico into a shot glass
2) Cover the slice of lime with powdered sugar.
3) Bite on the lime with powdered sugar on it and hold the juice in your mouth.
4) Then take the shot while the lime juice is still in your mouth.
So yeah, he did exactly what she said..
He was like....God..Aki. this is F***ing awesome!
Who do not wanna try the new test of alcohol?
So, I did it too.
It was just amazing.
I really liked it..prolly best shot that I've ever had.
It tasted like almond chocolate...taking it with lemon makes it even better.
He was ok, but I was just wasted by the time we left that bar.
After that, We decided to go to sonic and had sonic
I got it with M&M, and he got it with
It was way too awkward that two 21 y/o dudes sat together and ate sweets at the middle of drunkenness..
I heard that mai is making him an awesome cake.
What a sweet B-day dude..
My 21st B-day.......Oh god..
All I can say is I was in
Anyway, happy birth day Trav.
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Project Done!

Yes! I just finished the happy about it.
I've been such a procrastinator and didnt start it until this very late.
This project is for Therapeutic Modality class, and basically what we do is creating a little handbook for the use of varieties of modalities at the AT room or Some other clinics.
I was personally not interested in any modalities until I took this course.
I graduated from massage school, and all interns that I did were all about massage or manual manipulation.
So yeah, I just didnt know how it worked and kinda scared to use it.
When I was in the track team last semester, I really didnt know what the hell I was doing.
I knew Stem is shallow, and ultrasound is
Got damn it! retarded.
But yea, I started it a week ago.
I started researching n stuff. I read many books, asked many ppl, and played with it!
It was good.
It just changed all my impression on the modality.
Before doing this project, I was like....well, does stem actually work?
Some ppl still say effectiveness of stem is up in the air.
I dont know anybody else's opinions, but I didnt like it just because I didnt know the correct use.
When I was researching n stuff, I was like...
Damn, Thats why it didnt work when I was using it.
There are tones of parameters for each treatment.
If I use 'em correctly and smartly, these shits will be my buddies and help me a lot.
Stem n Ultra sound are so abused.
Its easy for therapist to use it and easy for patients to feel it.
When and how do u wanna use stem?
Motor level Nerve stimulation? Sensory nerve?
What kind of goal do u wanna get by using motor stimulation then?
Increase ROM? Muscle reeducation? Pumping?....etc
Ok, say I want a pumping effect for edema reduction.
Can I use it when the injury is acute?
Nope, actually sensory stimulation works, and I can actually use it right after the injury occurs.
Sensory level stimulation is more like limiting edema formation by preventing fluids, plasma, and other solids into surrounding tissues.
So yeah, at the initial response of edema formation, we can minimize the secondary damage.
Besides, vigorous contraction by motor stimulation will actually cause further damage on tissues even tho u attempt to get rid of edema.
We can use motor level stimulation for edema if that edema has already formed, and wanna get rid of it by pumping effect.
But actually, patient's active muscle contraction will create much more pumping effect than motor level stimulation does.
So yeah, as soon as inflammation subsides, we can start light exercise not only for muscle strength but also reducing edema.
Im changing the gear again, but where do I wanna locate electrodes for muscle pumping?
Directly on the targets or what?
Well, I found this article saying about the treatment of the edema of ankle.
Instead of putting pads directly onto the injured area, We can actually put one pad on cuff muscle...(especially soleus).
When I read it, I was like....
Gosh...its soo cool.
When I was in PT class last semester, I learned all muscle function n stuff.
Yeah, main function of soleus is plantar flexion (when knee is bent).
But there is one more.
soleus is called secondary heart in the body. Its strong contraction help venous lymphatic returns toward heart.
strong contraction......!?
Again, some random stuffs crossed my mind.
It was a image.
I was in long beach working as a anatomy assistant last sumer.
I still remember that I was freakin surprised by the size of soleus when I first saw it.
Its really thick...thicker than gastro.
Whenever we think about cuff muscle, we tend to focus on gastro..I least I did.
Its superficial and easy to palpate and see.
but yeah, that thick ass soleus helps pumping fluids from lower extremity to the heart even with gravity dependent.
Automatically, I can think I wanna elevate the extremity when doing this treatment cuz reducing gravity help pump up fluid.
Well, its common sense and dont have to even pay attention on it, but if u think about it, u can realize why u should do that.
It is sometimes hard for me to actually make a progress and get the jog done cuz I kept distracted by many stuffs a lot.
But well, its just fun and I like it.
Now I am pretty comfortable with modalities, and got the basic ideas for each use.
But, but, but, but...
I am missing one thing..
Yes, I do need it.
I dont wanna be a big book worm.
Most of info didnt come from my experience.
I learned many theories and all craps, but I don know if these actually work or not yet snd whats going on at the actual clinical setting.
I wanna try what I researched, and wanna see the actual result.
Lets find out.

I Just went to kinko's and got this one.
Still warm.....cute.



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なんだこの不安感WITHやる気のなさ。 今やらなきゃいけないことわかってるのに。
とりあえず1ヶ月後にインタビューがある。 会議で話し合われて、わしが戻っていいってのはもう決定されたらしい。
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Spring break

Springbreak05 @ Cancun

Aki 19 y/o!!!



Spring Break 06 @ Padre Island


Coke Beach in front of our condo

Nasty beer hot tab

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On & OFF

2/2: Modality lab quiz1
2/5:Modality article due
2/7 Modality quiz 2
2/8 Human sexuality Exam 1
2/9 Modality lab quiz2
2/12 Developmental psychology Exam 1
2/19:Modality Exam 1
2/20 Upper extremity article due
2/22 Upper extremity midterm
2/23 Modality lab midterm
2/26 Modality quiz 3
3/2 Upper extremity lab midterm, SOAP due
3/5 Modality article due
3/6 Upper article due, Human sexuality exam 2
3/7 Modality quiz, Developmental psychology exam 2, Weight training mid term
3/12-18: SPRING BREAK 07!!
I thought this semester would be easy, and I was supposed to chill out all the time, but that was such a mere
I have no problems with psychology classes.
It's not hard at all. If I pay attention during class periods, I dont need to spend extra time to study for tests.
Labs are freaking big deal!
These are just 1 hour credit each, but since we are expected to learn so many things, I feel like these are 3 hour courses. At least, I spent most of my study time on these.
But I think thats really nice.
There are so many stuffs that we cant learn inside normal classes, and labs can totally compensate it.
One more week to spring break!
Cant Waaaaaaaait!
1) BOYS GONE WILD!!!!!!!!!

2) @4:00 am

3) My favorite GANGSTAS

4) Still drunk after shaking our butts @ club in ATX

5) Our fuel

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Summer Internship '07

Fridaaaaaaaay! Its time to write a new stuff.
Well, I guess this is gonna be the 5th entry, but most of recent diaries were as dull as a term paper.
BUT this is going to be different, cuz Ive got a great news.
I got an inernhsiiiiiip!
I will be able to join the summer camp of U.S national track team for 大阪世界陸上 (IAAF World Championships in Athletics)!!!

Well, actually its been a while since I first heard of this great chance, but I directly talked with Dr. Ranson today.
Dr. Ranson is a director of Texas State University Athletic Training Program and also is a head trainer of U.S national track team.
I can not say the details of their schedule, but national team is going to have a camp in Osaka before championship starts.
Since they do not usually offer internship positions, I do not really know how much I can do...
But he said I can shadow him and massage tones of athletes during the camp.
Its gonna be totally a new world, but I am just excited about it.
U.S national team....
I'm gonna have such a blast this summer.
Championship actually starts on Aug 25th, but you know what?
The fall '07 semester starts on Aug 22nd...
So yeah, I will not be able to see the championship in Japan.
It kinda sucks.
But who cares? It should be the wonderful start of new semester and coming back to the program.
I will make my 22th summer the best ever!
Here are pictures of this week.


Da first 'M" meeting on the 6th, Austin
Go Flyers!
Go Ms!!!
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@ 9:40 pm, Thinking about.........


MOMO w/ a Christmas cake

Superman...super female cat?

MOMO @ a club

Da sexy lower extremity

pushing pushing



MOM in tasogare mood


We call it doing niwatori

I can see you
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Class Report I

Hell yeeeeeeeeees! Its friday today.
Man, 8 am classes are killing me...oh well I guess its ok.
BTW, time goes really fast recently, dont yall think so?
Think about it, its already in Feb, and I have been here for almost 1 month since I came back.
Thats really crazy..
I guess thats because I am satisfying my life and 100% full of energy every day.
What makes me think like that?
God, I love my classes soooo much.
Its fabulous!
I am taking...
1) therapeutic modality
2) therapeutic modality lab
3) Upper extremity evaluation
4) Upper extremity evaluation lab
5) Weight lifting (teaching section)
6) Human developmental psychology
7) Psychology of Human sexuality
8) Japanese writing composition (work as a TA)
I dont think I will be able to stop closing my mouth once I start talking about my classes.
New discoveries everyday.
Well-educated professors, stimulating classmates, good environment to study, enough time to research random stuffs by myself.....
I had 4 classes today..mainly labs.
These are such small classes....everyone knows each other, and nobody hesitates to ask questions and stuffs.
Here is one of pictures from upper extremity lab. Megan showing vertebral artery test on Nikki. I was allowed to bring my camera inside the class and take some pictures.
We can see these kinds of pictures in textbook or whatever.
However, by taking pictures by myself, It makes me sooo much easier to remember and actually master these special tests.
Whenever I see this picture, I would also remember class atmosphere, what megan was speaking, what I was thinking at this class period....all kinds of random stuffs coming up in my mind.
I believe these stuffs(special tests) are the most difficult and time consuming materials to learn.
I guess I am good at memorizing stuffs and getting good grades on tests.
But when performing special tests or whatever practical stuffs at actual clinical settings, knowledge is such a small part of own abilities.
Knowledge, experience, other consideration, flexibility, and interaction..
Many things affect each other, and we can create an educated guess ....sometimes even solid decisions.
So yeah, Im trying to learn these with my full body.
Here is another pic from this class.....lazy matt while Megan was performing SCM MMT.

Story of Another class......
Psychology is my minor, and I have to take 18 hrs (at least 6 classes)to complete it.
OMG...this class is freakin amazing.
At the first class...
Professor: " Guys, i want u guys to do some class activities to get relaxed..since this is a first class this semester."
Some professors do this shit.
Sometimes I needed to introduce myself or played random games and stuffs.
I was totally chillin and not paying attention that much.
P: "Its simple. repeat after me......"
P:" come on everyone! Say it loud! VAGINA!".
Everyone: ".....vagina"
P: "DICK!"
Everyone: "DICK".
Imagine that there are more than 200 students in that class( its a freaking big ass class), and everyone said some random dirty words at the same time....
Guys, girls, experienced people, non-experienced people....doesnt matter.
Definitely I have never done this before.
Voice was getting bigger and bigger while we were repeating new words.
Few people hesitated saying these words at the end and actually enjoyed it.
Everybody seemed comfortable about least I was.
We finished the last word (I dont remember what we said), and she followed.
"welcome to the human sexuality"
Last time, We saw a video called "singing dick".
We studied male sexual organs this week....(yes, female last week with some videos)
There was a single penis on the big ass screen like movie screen (and even I was sitting in the first
It looked like a guy was laying on the bed, and somebody took a video of just his penis.
We were not surprised yet.....everything could happen in that class we knew.
Suddenly, rock music was on, and that dick started going up and shaking...
dancing....dick was a movie about the erection..
God, I like the sense of humor of the professor.
But, thats not the only stuffs that we are doing in the class.
Most of materials are scientific and academic.
She just put random stuffs every now and then to make students better understand.
I feel like I need to know these stuffs as an adult. Its a funny class but really really important classes that we cant learn often.
I got a first test back 98 and ave was 70 something..
Well, good start huh?
Aight, here is the last picture today.

Kamasutra: famous Indian sex manual from about the third or fourth centry B.C. (from Sexuality Now embracing diversity 2nd edition)
# by tajinet | 2007-02-10 12:25

Exposure to The New World I

"Exposure to The New World"....yea, I have been exposed by so many things recently.
As I mentioned before, I am working as a teaching assistant for the language department.
I have my own office, desk, computer, and even office hours…..
What a great feeling it is.
I am not educated to teach English, but I am actually doing that kinda stuff every now and then.
I am an assistant for Japanese composition class, and basically, What Im doing is setting up some movies which students are gonna write papers about, participating the class discussion about movies, proofreading their papers during my office hours.
I have never done any of them.
I have been taught English by my American friends, but opposite situation never happened.
Most of my friends dont see me as Japanese.
They basically do not care where the heck I am from. We met thru friends, common interests, dorm....whatever.
So yeah, it was kinda awkward for me to talk about Japanese culture or language with american people.
But it is really interesting, especially when I am proofreading their papers.
Obviously, they are struggling cuz first of all, they don’t have enough vocabularies to actually develop the sentences.
A lot of students seem to depend on the on-line dictionary, and so much so, they tend to use a lot of “jyukugo”s.
I think it makes sense because in Japanese, it would be so mush easier to just use “jukugo” instead of writing longer sentences.
We saw Mr. Baseball the other day.e0111203_13254373.jpg
Here is a main plot.
Jack( ex American baseball player) was traded to dragons from NY. He was a typical rude American dude who doesn’t try to understand the japanese culture. But gradually, he is changing his attitude and getting along with teammate, girlfriend, and coach………….
This movie is pretty interesting to compare 2 different cultures, but there are some exaggerations about both American cultures and Japanese cultures.
One dude was complying about that some Americans do care about other cultures, and that movie was just over-exaggerating how bad Americans are.
.So, he was trying to translate it into japanse.
Where the hell did ya find誇張 !?
I couldn’t even understand the rest of the sentences and suddenly, I found 誇張 in that sentence.
Ooh ok….lol
He said he got that from the dictionary, but he wasn’t really sure how he can actually put that ward into the whole sentence.
And another thing that interested me is that we do have different orders to make a sentence.
Here is an example.
2)“I went to bed earlier last night cuz I was tired.”
These two sentences mean the same thing, but the order is opposite.
In English, they first say what they want to express, and then they mention the reason or whatever supports the main idea.
This is a simple example, but I noticed a lot of similar stuffs when I was reading their paper.
So far, I am enjoying it. It really helps me understand English also.
And this is the main reason why I am writing this blog in English.
Im telling ‘em
"Hey buddy, keep it up! Study your ass off!"
U know how teachers cheer up lazy students, right?
But, at the same time, I felt like
"Ok, I am telling them to work hard on papers in Japanese, why ain’t I doing that?"
Thats how it started. Writing is great.
I learned english thru the messenger ( I use AOL messenger).
I can see what ppl are saying, imitate the sentences my folks were using, applying these at different situations.
We can visualize mistake by writing sentences.
I dont know how long I will be able to keep up with this work, but I will try my best.
# by tajinet | 2007-02-02 13:26

What led me to that decision?

Oh well, I guess its time to think about myself and make sure that I am on a right trail.
I have been really great recently....helping the Japanese professor teach American students English, making new friends randomly, taking awesome courses. getting drunk at the party(yeah, thats what true school kids do)...and you name it.
Even though I am a little bit stuck with a lot of stuffs surrounding me, I still have some time to slow things down and spend time for myself.
Yeah, thats a freaking big difference from the last semester.
Man......I dont even wanna remember the freakin drama happening last year...(I will get to this point later)
But anyway, my poor worried face relaxed into a smile face, which is a awesome thing.
So what happened last year?
Its gonna be a long long story, but I am ready to express what I felt or what I am thinking now.
I put a picture on this page. Of course I was on it.

This picture is on the main page of texas state university athletic training program.
I forgot when exactly we took this picture, but all of 'em on that picture were my supervisor or companions that I studied with.
Well, it should be a good memory, cuz just about 10 students can get into the program among nearly 70 candidates in each year.
But I am seeing this picture in the different way.
I was afraid to say this, but as i said, I am ready for it.
I left the program at the end of last semester.
I was a sophomore student athletic trainer and covered a tack and cross country team.
I had 4 awesome co-workers and 1 supervisor whose name is aimee( did I spell right?).
I liked her a lot. Even though I was a first year athletic training student, she let me do a tons of stuffs.
At my third week in the team, she assigned me this athletes whose right hamstring was messed up.
I needed to start with an evaluation and my main goal was to get him back to the race which is held in spring.
I was just taking lower extremity and advanced anatomy class( in which I studied the human anatomy by cadavers), and other basic stuffs.
None of rehab and modalities.
I just did what I can do without thinking other things.
At the mid-term evaluation with Aimee, she said " Aki...ur just beyond the sophomore level, and I have been impressed by your work. Keep ur job as u have been doing..good job"
Honestly, I myself was impressed by what she said to me.
I totally didnt expect the way she said, and I never ever satisfied with what I was doing.
U know, who doesn't like to be pleased by someone else?
I was proud of it for a moment, but I was not that happy about that.
I still felt my un-confidence and some sort of inferiority.I dont know who I was comparing with tho.
I thought I was at the training room cuz thats where athletic taring student study and grow up.
BUT, athletic training room is also the place where athletes get a treatment and get well.
I did not notice this point.
They dont care who I much I am studying, how many years I have a experiments at the training room.
Of course, there are some frienship between trainers and athletes, but especially freshman or before the competition, they tend to get serious.which is a normal thing.
They know who is good.
So yeah, I was like. I am not gonna show my inability in front of em..that led em to feel that I am not qualified.....(what a childish but u know who I am)
I practiced taping only when they are not in the training room, studied stuffs in my room that i have not learned yet in the class.
I tried my best.
I tried so many things to get rid of the freaking un-cconfidence.
Suddenly, i was just excused.
I didnt go out with my friends I used to go to the party all the time during weekends, didnt want to talk with new people, didnt go outside...
I was overwhelmed by something that I could not see and lost a energy to survive.
I talked with Dr. Ranson who is a director of the program.
I talked everything even though my thought was not organized.
Its not that special that some students leave the program at the middle of courses in each year.
So, I was like
well, I will be one of em...what a looser.
But again, he gave me an expected choice.
He wanted me to stay in the program, and if I need a break to organize things, I can take a semester off.
Dr. ranson also told me that I need to accept myself and judge myself objectively.
This story happened not because of my inability but because of my immaturity of the spirit. yea right, thats what I need.
and u know what?
I am in the middle of this awesome vacations to get my confidence back again, to grow up as an adult individual, and to learn slow things down.
I am studying what i need to know, what i wanna know, and think about my future again.
Even thought i had a hard time about it, still I wanna be an athletic rainier.
I really respect Dr. ranson's consideration, and I decided to accept his offer to grow up.
Well, it will be a little bit delay to graduate, but so what?
studying athletic training.....its not a simple stuff.I learned that.
its so deep.
there are tone of different trainers in this wold.
What do I wanna be?
havent got that answer yet, but I am gonna do whatever I can do at this point.
# by tajinet | 2007-01-25 13:20